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Birjand University of Medical Sciences
Application Guide 

Admission Requirements:

  • Capability of residing and studying in Iran

  • Filling out and signing the application form of studying in BUMS and attaching all documents mentioned in the form

  • Offering valid certificate confirming that the applicant is not infected with infectious and contagious diseases including HIV, hepatitis B and C, and is not addicted to any drugs and narcotics. The certificate must be signed and sealed by political attorneys or Islamic Republic of IRAN (IRI) consulates in the applicant’s country.

  • Observing educational and disciplinary rules and regulations of the university.

  • Presenting the assigned degree to apply for different levels which are mentioned in the table below:

You must have

To apply for

A certificate equivalent to a high school degree (a minimum of 12 years official school)

Two-year college course
Bachelor's Degree

  • The certificate must be signed and sealed by political attorneys or IRI consulates in the applicant’s country (for applicants who have graduated from non-Iranian educational institutes).

  • Submitting the original confirmed document mentioned above is necessary at the time of registration.


  • Persian language is the medium of instruction at BUMS, therefore the applicants who receive final admission must attend and successfully pass courses in a Persian Language Center in a university introduced by BUMS.

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