Friday, August 12, 2022
A Special Interview with University Director of International Affairs
The latest news of activities done to internationalize the university, stated by Dr. Ahmad Amozeshi
Considering the fact that internationalizing of higher education and developing university exchanges lead to social development, the university director of international affairs said: "doing so will expand social experiences and cultural knowledge of students and university staffs, and will result to learning more about different nations and cultures; it leads to a growth spurt regarding to learning, creativity and innovation".
Dr. Ahmadi emphasized that internationalization is the process of integrating international, cross-cultural and global dimensions with aims, activities and administrating higher education in a way that increases respect for cultural differences and different customs; then he added: "in this regard, the international center was established in 2015 by deputy vice chancellor of Birjand University of Medical Science".
He said that this center aims to provide suitable context for comprehensive international affairs and added: "the first mission of the international center is to stablish and broaden scientific relationships between this university and other universities and educational centers in Iran and abroad, based on the framework of regulations of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The university director of international affairs listed the main objectives of this project as follow:
  • using scientific and research capabilities that are available in the university in regard to meet scientific demands of applicants
  • creating necessary areas for applicants to attend in educational courses personally or in teams to meet their needs
  • empowering the university, faculty members and students to improve and flourish
  • planning to increase admission of non- Iranian students in Birjand University of Medical Science
  • signing memorandum of understanding between the university and the universities of the other countries focusing on research and education
Dr. Amozeshi remarked that Iran has a long history in science and education and also in the case of international education and studies it has an outstanding history. Then he said: "regarding the borderlines between Iran and Afghanistan and having professional experts in medical area, South Khorasan Province and Birjand University of Science have the best conditions to operationalize this important issue".
Dr. Amozeshi confirmed that Birjand University of Medical Sciences is approved to be a focal point for Afghanistan in region 9 logistics point and he said: "establishing the office of international affairs in university, establishing a committee to absorb international students, approving the bill to increase motivation and interest of board members and codification of applying process of non-Iranian students in university are other activities in this scope".
He mentioned to codification of some contracts and memoranda together with Afghanistan universities namely, Kateb University, Ghazni University and Khatam-Al-Nabieen University and he said: "in this regard some activities have been done that are as follow:
visiting the educational and medical facilities of the university by authorities of the above mentioned universities; codification of some joint educational courses in shot terms for Afghan students;holding surgical classes for Afghan students using teleconference; holding a four months course in midwifery for Afghan midwifery students in Iran; holding a supplementary one-year medical science course for Afghan students in Iran and absorbing Afghan students in different fields of study of the university.
As stated by Dr. Amozeshi, other activities done by the university director of international affairs are:
using a system to confirm qualification of non-Iranian students in the university for non-Iranian students; coordination for admission of students and patients form Herat, a city in Afghanistan; holding educational courses based on WFME standards for medical university; introducing a representative from consular; presenting and accepting some papers, speeches, research plans related to internationalization; visiting an agent of Dari Radio in Mashhad; codification of a blended educational course for non-Iranian students; and conferring MBBS degrees for non-Iranian medical students.
Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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