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Afghanistan educational interaction and cultural collaboration is the University's policy
Birjand University of Medical Sciences - Afghanistan educational interaction and cultural collaboration is the University's policy
In a meeting held in the presence of Dari Radio representatives and university authorities, Dr. Abedi said: "Birjand University of Medical Sciences - Afghanistan educational interaction and cultural collaboration is our university's policy".
The university vice-chancellor stated that he would talk about three domains including university, university's policies and the fundamental reasons to hold this meeting. Then he added: "Birjand has a valuable educational history because Shokatiye School in Birjand was the third educational center in the country that has been administered by modern methodologies".
By mentioning the history of education system in this city, Dr. Farshid Abadi said: "currently, there are more than 3500 students studying in 7 colleges in the university and 3 dependent colleges in different undergraduate and post-graduate degrees including 8 clinical specialty areas".
Dr.Farshid Abedi

He indicated that we have 14 hospitals in South Khorasan Province and continued: "in Afghanistan there is a lack of neurosurgical education and in this university we has developed our education system in a way that this university is one of the eleventh universities of the country that accept medical students interested in neurosurgical education. This shows that the status of the university is conducive to different specialty areas".
The university vice-chancellor mentioned to empowerment of the university hospitals in this province and the he added: "this issues is the reason why Health Ministry announced our university as becoming the best university in the eastern part of the country".
Dr. Abedi pointed to the development plans and empowerment plans of the university and also the announcement of Health Ministry that direct us to focus our attention to plan for internationalization of the university; then he added: "regarding this issue, we have prioritized neighboring countries that their first language is Persian".
He stated that Birjand University of Medical Sciences has educational interaction with Afghanistan universities and Hamedan University of Medical sciences has educational interaction with Tajikistan universities; then he added: "for educational interaction, our university has made some memorandums of understanding with 7 universities in private sector and also with Kabul Medical University in 2014".
Afghanistan educational interaction and cultural collaboration is the University's policy

University vice-chancellor mentioned to the presence of Afghanistan ambassador in a meeting in 2015 and holding a video conference with principals and students of Afghanistan universities and continued: "after visiting Khatam Al-Nabieen University, and Kateb University , in 2015, some memorandums of understanding were made between Birjand University of Medical Sciences, Khatam Al-Nabieen University, and Kateb University and since then teaching and training Kabul and Ghazni medical students in distance education system for general surgery courses has been started.
As Dr. Abedi mentioned to the trip of the commission of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan supervised by Joanna Nathan and he indicated to the agreements made in this trip on collaboration of the university with Afghanistan Universities, and he added: "this commission considered this educational interaction as a way of creating scientific breakthroughs in Afghanistan.
He remarked that a decision has been made to hold short-term courses in different fields of study including midwifery and short-term medical intern training courses for Afghan students. he said: "Birjand University of Medical Sciences aims to offer fellowship training in specialized areas of otolaryngology (ear, throat and nose)for Afghan specialties.
The university vice-chancellor announced that this university will hold both in-person and online educational courses and said: "four laboratory students are accepted in this courses".
Dr. Abedi said that we focus on the quality of education and we try to meet educational standards to educate non-Iranian students and he continued: "Among all neighboring countries, Iran has have top-ranked medical universities in the region for many years".
By mentioning that medical tourism is one of the university's top priorities, he said: "interaction of two countries and nations is of great importance and having collaboration with a strong, great, and empowered country with scientific productivity could be considered as a special opportunity for us".
The university vice-chancellor stated that according to today's needs, the codification of educational content and changing educational technologies are seriously considered, and he added: "Afghan medical students who continue their studies in other countries like India, will experience high cultural conflicts which are not adaptable to their religious andIslamic points of view".
By pointing to the issue that Educational interaction and cultural collaboration with Afghanistan is the university's policy,Dr. Abedi said: "today's meeting aims to create mutual understanding".
He confirmed that university authorities will help Dari Radio in producing scientific content, recognizing potential specialty and technical aspects, finding specialty educational groups and he continued: "with all has been done in Birjand University of Medical Sciences, this university turned to be one of the top universities in the country".
Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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