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Describing the University Educational Achievements by the Chancellor of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in a Gathering with Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of Iran's North-East Universities
On April 18th, 2019, with the presence of Dr. Seyyed Ali Hosseini, the head of Faculty Center in Ministry of Health and Medical Education, a gathering has been held by university presidents and vice-chancellors of Iran's North-East Medical Universities at the conference hall of Birjand's Comprehensive Center for Special Diseases Control.
In this gathering, the chancellor introduced Birjand University of Medical Science focusing on its educational perspectives and he said: "this university has 14 hospitals with 1400 hospital beds; the ground area is 150 km2 and more than 805000 of South-Khorasan population is under the coverage of a variety of services including healthcare, medical and educational services.
Dr. Mehdi Dehghani Firoozabadi

Dr. Mehdi Dehghani Firoozabadi told that more than 5600 staffs are working in this university and he added: "this university includes 9 colleges with 60 courses of study and there are 285 faculty members (10 professors and 46 associate professors) teaching to more than 3600 students".
He stated that from 2013 to 2018, the number of faculty members has increased from 173 to 285 individuals. Then he reminded that during last year, this university has obtained the license to accept students in some courses of study in the field of medical assistants including neurosurgeon's assistant, neurologist's assistant, cardiovascular surgeon's assistant, and also courses in internal medicine, pediatrics, radiology, anesthesiology, family doctor, and general surgery are some of the courses approved by assistant education department of the university.
The chancellor added that during the last year, some other achievements in developing medical education are as follow: establishment ofHigher Education Complex for Healthcare and Medicine in Nehbandan, presenting the course of surgical tech's bachelor in Tabas, master of Hematology, master of Nano-technology, master of Physiology, and master of microbiology.

Dr. Dehghani pointed out to the achievement of students' top ranks in medical assistant practice tests during last years and then he added: "for last four years, graduated medical students of our university have been successful in achieving medical assistant practice tests among all other medical universities. He announced that for the third time, medical assistant practice test will be held in Birjand University of Medical Sciences and he said: " for the first time, some other exams have been held in this university such as Ministry of Health LanguageExam (MHLE) as a prerequisite to enter PHD, the pre-internship electronic exam for medical students, electronic exam for master degree, and also a virtual course of medical education.
The chancellor mentioned to short-term courses (non-degree) for Afghan graduated students (as a memorandum of understanding with Khatam Al Nabieen University) and he noted that the first course for non-Iranian students has reached to end in this university by accepting 9 Afghan midwifery students of Khatam Al Nabieen University and the course took 4 months (short-term practical internship).
By referring to the development of Electronic Learning programs, Dr. Dehghani added: "in this regard, a lot of work has been done, including setting up a Student Attraction System for non-Iranian students, setting up an electronic system for assistants' transfers, setting up an electronic system for students' exemption from compulsory military service as long as the subjects are studying, and setting up a system for students' census data and fingerprints and using it as an entry/exit system for internship students. Stating that it took the last two years to plan and implement the fellowship course in medical education, he specified: "in educational domain, some other achievements include earning the country's top process in Shahid Motahari Educational Festivals for the seventh consecutive year, holding 23 clinical competency exams in clinical skills center, setting up a laboratory to use virtual reality technology in medical education.

Following that, the chancellor mentioned to actions done in educational domain in Ferdows and he added: "some educational action in Ferdows are as follow: equipping practice rooms for operating room and nursery room in Ferdows College, allocating 600 m2 of the ground area to learning space in educational-research center of Hazrat-e-Rasoul in Ferdows, Skill Lab in Educational Unit, computer room in Birjand University of Medical Science provided for students to use as a research unit to find valid Iranian or foreign magazines online, and digital library of the university that works full time, a library and study hall for 20 students which is open in 24 hours a day and a conference hall which is equipped with a smart board and data projector, internet and intranet service for 50 students".
Dr. Dehghani pointed out some actions done in educational domain in Qaen too and he said: "the clinical skill center, electronic exam center, paramedic college and prayer room, on-campus houses of professors, and students centers have been equipped in this city".
Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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