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In the Gathering with Presidents and Vice-chancellers of Iran's North-East Universities, Dr. Abedi Described Actions done in Birjand University of Medical Sciences based on Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Plan
On April 18th, 2019, with the presence of Dr. Seyyed Ali Hosseini, the head of Faculty Center in Ministry of Health and Medical Education, a gathering has been held by university presidents and vice-chancellors of Iran's North-East Medical Universities at the conference hall of Birjand's Comprehensive Center for Special Diseases Control.
Deputy of Education at the university mentioned the most important achievements of 'the packages of Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Plan' in Birjand University of Medical Sciences and pointed to the package of promoting professional ethics; then he listed these achievements as follow: "the conclusion of a memorandum to exchange professors among seminary and university; the codification of a comprehensive and efficient affidavit for those who work in medical and health professions aiming at advancing and developing infrastructures of professional ethics; and designing a system ofobservation".
Dr.Farshid Abedi

Talking about the development of education of medical ethics based on Iranian-Islamic values, Dr. Farshid Abedi added that in this vein, the following meetings have been held: "professional ethics workshops and theorizing meetings in education domain, management meetings for faculty members and assistants, retraining courses of medical ethics with the presence of professors of Quran and Hadith Sciences University, rethinking meetings by the presence of professors in the field of professional ethics and ethics workshops focused on the subjects such as ethical therapy/ethics in research/ ethics based on Hazrat Fatema Zahra's morality and ethics in publication".
He mentioned to the package of scientific authority and foresight technology and then he added: "determining the superiority domains of the university in medical sciences education, holding patent workshops and presenting innovative plans to faculty members, holding one-day seminar for scientific authority and foresight technology together with online streaming are done aiming at implementing this package". Deputy of Education at the university specified that setting up a healthcare- educational center in Birjand, setting up a specialized family doctor clinic, designing and implementing an internship course for family doctors since 2016, accepting family doctor for residency since 2017, with the purpose of recognizing and providing educational domains based on the society, including responsive and justice-centered education are some other achievements.

Dr. Abedi pointed out to the higher education plans in healthcare domain that is corresponded to society demands and he said: "there is also a plan for integrating traditional medicine with general medicine and dentistry curriculum". He announced that the structure and function of the university is going to be reviewed according to the road map of transition to third generation and he added: "codification of the road map to move toward third generation university, codification of regulation to support faculty members in knowledge-based companies and development centers, concluding a trilateral memorandum aiming at producing best products, codification of courses for entrepreneurship skills and directing master thesis toward multi-centered researches have been done in this regard".
Deputy of education at the university added: "collaboration with national strategic research institute for medical education has been done in implementing two projects, namely designing the pattern of organizational structure in entrepreneur medical universities and designing and codifying the indicators of curriculum based on entrepreneurship in faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in Brijand University of Medical Sciences".
Dr. Abedi mentioned to other packages of Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Planand he said: "other achievements are: setting up a comprehensive center for electronic exams for 1100 individuals, holding 130 different electronic exams in the second half of the year 2018, equipping and providing space for online distance learning room in College of Paramedic, constructing a sample mobile-AR platform to create standard methods of testing in laboratory devices, setting up a multi-media tube which is more than the university perspectives and providing space for developing virtual learning in colleges in Ferdows, Qaen, Tabas are also other achievements of this university in education domain". He continued: "some other works have been done including: accepting students in long-term courses in medical sciences, dentistry, nursing, master of immunology, laboratory sciences, accepting students in short term courses of medical sciences (internship course), midwifery (a course of 4 months), laboratory sciences (a course of 4 months), accepting students in laboratory science field of study as a blended learning course, holding an educational course usingneurosurgery and general surgery webinar for Afghan students, obtaining a license for presenting educational programs in medical science field of study to get a MBBS degree for Afghan students and presenting proposals to the related ministry for bachelor fields of study such as laboratory sciences and pharmacy as a blended course for Afghanistan [university students] aiming at developing international cooperation and presenting international education programs".
Deputy of Education at the university announced the codification of the national document for spatial planning and the 5 years plan document of scientific authority of Birjand University of Medical Science, valid to 2025 and he said: "obtaining the license of Higher Education Complex for Healthcare and Medicine, training workforce for the dental technician field of study, adding traditional medicine and entrepreneurship to education curriculum are also planned and implemented.

Dr. Abedi pointed to plans of empowering faculty members and claimed that they have supported faculty members (58 individuals) to pass medical education master course; and holding codified courses of fellowship in medical education, holding 24 workshops in the vein of medical education and holding educational workshops in electronic content creation are planned for this purpose. He added: "utilizing clinical skills center in an area of 600 m2, holding 131 educational workshops, holding 27 clinical competency exams in 2018, designing an electronic system and implementing the process of electronic exams and standardizing the exams of clinical department are some of the plans considered by deputy of education for improving evaluation system of medical sciences.
Deputy of education described the most important actions related to other packages of Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Plan as follow:"upgrading the evaluation system of medical sciences, concluding a scientific, educational memorandum with Art University of Birjand, setting up a sleep laboratory forpolysomnography, constructing special devices for treatment of insomnia using interdisciplinary sciences, using the capacity of knowledge-based companies to create the best educational products, constructing a dual extruder 3D printer, codification of sociological-based dentistry course of study and creating essential infrastructures needed to set up a palliative care clinic".
Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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