Monday, June 27, 2022
Post-Graduate Education

Today, development of any country is dependent on knowledge-orientation on the basis of development of post-graduate education, and education is considered to be the most fundamental path for a society to achieve progress, development, social welfare and real independence. Consequently, in line with the objectives of the university, Birjand School of Health succeeded in acquiring the permission for the first post-graduate program in 2012 through great attempts of its authorities.

Health Education and Promotion

Health education program is the first higher education field the license of which was granted to the School after great attempts of its professors. School of Health admitted 6 students in health education in September 2012, and currently a total of 19 students are studying in this field and 11 graduates have been granted a master's degree.

Master of Environmental Health Engineering

This field was established in September 2013, after approval of its scientific, educational and laboratory infrastructure by the Board of the Ministry of Health. This major was established by admission of 4 students and currently a total of 14 students are studying in this field. Availability of a laboratory and workshop complex and especially the environmental health engineering research laboratory, has led to the improved quality of applied education for the students of this major. For the time being, a total of 6 students have been able to obtain a master's degree in environmental health engineering.

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