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Iranmehr Hospital


Iranmehr Hospital, the first specialized cancer hospital in South Khorasan Province consists of several departments including Radiation Therapy, Outpatient Chemotherapy, Inpatient Chemotherapy, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Specialized polyclinic. This hospital is a foundation constructed by health-related charities and support of Birjand University of Medical Sciences. In 6th March 2017, Iranmehr Hospital was inaugurated by minister of health and medical education. This hospital is equipped with the newest facilities needed for diagnosis; treatment and follow up care for cancer patient’s who suffer from any malignancy, can complete their course of treatment under expert supervision of different distinguished specialists while using advanced and up-to-date facilities in a calm and lovely environment.

Radiation Therapy/ Radiotherapy Department

Radiation Therapy Department consists of Treatment Room, Treatment Planning Room, Molding Room, Radiology unit, C.T Simulator Room, and Dosimeter System. In Iranmehr Hospital of Birjand, ElektaCompactTM Linear Accelerator is provided for Treatment Room and therefore external beam radiation therapy can be used for those patients who require precise radiation therapy. Before starting radiation therapy, there should be a treatment planning for each patient to protect healthy tissues as much as possible and maximize the amount of radiation to the tumor. In this medical center, all calculations are done by a Spanish treatment planning software, named PCRT. This medical center is equipped with PTW full-scale dosimeter equipment. present at the clinic and visit patients.In addition of specialists, 7 general practitioners work in the hospital for 24 hours and provide primary supports for inpatients.


Laboratory Department in Iranmehr Hospital includes specialized wards, Endocrinology, Biochemistry, Hematology and Immunology/Serology.all related diagnostic tests and follow up tests are performed by new advanced equipment.


All types of necessary medicine are provided in the pharmacy of the hospital for patients' convenient.

Chemotherapy facilities

Chemotherapy department includes outpatient and inpatient departments Chemotherapy outpatient department consists of two separate wards for adults and pediatrics. pediatrics ward is located in a beautiful and commodious place for children, and it contains 4 hospital beds. For patients' convenient, massage chairs are used instead of beds. This medical center is equipped with separate monitoring system, suction department and oxygen therapy. Chemotherapy outpatient ward for adults is equipped with standard design medication rooms and CPR room. This unit includes 14 very convenient beds . Each bed is equipped with monitoring system, nurse alert call, and oxygen therapy. Chemotherapy inpatient department includes 5 rooms and 14 hospital beds for adult patients and 4 pediatric beds.These rooms are equipped with monitoring system, suction, central oxygen, refrigerator and full electric hospital beds for patients' convenient.

Polyclinic Department

Except for holidays, specialized clinic of Iranmehr Hospital is open every day to provide medical services to cancer patients. oncologists and hematologist are present at the clinic and visit patients.In addition of specialists, 7 general practitioners work in the hospital for 24 hours and provide primary supports for inpatients.
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