Thursday, August 18, 2022
Birjand University Of medical Sciences
Medicine Department

This department is currently admitting about 130 medical students twice a year (in October and February) through the national university entrance exam. It also admits international and tuition-based students.

Medical course in Iran lasts for about seven years and consists of four major blocks including basic sciences (2.5 years), physiopathology (1 year), staggering (2 years) and internship (1.5 years). During a seven-year period, students have to pass about 300 credit as well as two qualification exams (post-basic sciences and pre-internship) and finally students are awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

During the last few years, the university continuously developed its human resources and facilities to achieve higher standards in education and research. The number of faculty members in both basic and clinical fields increased and several educational and research laboratories were equipped with modern technologies and instruments. In parallel, three teaching hospitals with all special and subspecial wards designated for education of students and residents and several para-clinical units including laboratories imaging centers, a nuclear scan center, physiotherapy, radiology and radiotherapy improved the quality of education and treatment and now we are proud for our services to students as well as domestic and international patients.

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Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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