Thursday, August 18, 2022
Birjand University Of medical Sciences
PhD in Molecular Medicine

Given to the continuous contribution of molecular methods in the medicine, especially diagnosis and treatment, investment on this field and training of specialists is a real need for our country. In this regard, the medical school of Birjand University of Medical Sciences prepared the infrastructures and resources for molecular medicine. Upon receiving the required accreditation from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the university registered the first group of PhD candidates in 2013.
Currently, a total of 9 students are studying and working on research projects or their theses here. There is a training laboratory equipped with modern devices and instruments used for molecular research aiming to promote the quality of training and research. During the educational course, the PhD candidates attend some classes with medical students and have some clinical rotations.


Head of Department: Dr. Mohsen Naseri

Rank: Associate Professor





Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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