Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Birjand University Of medical Sciences
Immunology Department

This discipline was launched in 2015 after the approval of scientific, laboratory, and educational infrastructures here by the board of the Ministry of Health. Initially, four students were admitted, and now a total of 10 graduate students of immunology are studying and doing research activities. There is a well-equipped educational laboratory and a flow-cytometry device which, along with apprenticeship of the students at a medical diagnosis laboratory affiliated with the University, has improved the quality of applied education to students. Moreover, cooperation with research centers approved by the University and conduction of domestic and international joint projects have brought about appropriate conditions for students here.

Head of Department: Dr. Gholamreza Anani

Rank: Assistant Professor

Email: mmd643@bums.ac.ir







Birjand University of Medical Sciences
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