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Emergency Department of Razi Hospital
Emergency Department of Razi hospital

Emergency Department:


Quick evaluation of patient's status, quick diagnosis, and in case of need, taking appropriate diagnostic actions, getting appropriate treatment, stabilizing the patient's condition at the shortest possible time, and providing high quality services to obtain the best results are parts of undeniable job requirement of working staffs in emergency department.
Considering the above mentioned issues, Razi hospital meet all the requirements in terms of equipment and human force; to fulfill all mentioned purposes, this unit has a space of 1440 square meters with 42 beds.

Department Units

  • A unit for fast-track services: this unit has 8 serum therapy beds and an examining bed to do electrocardiogram, placing and changing wound dressing; this unit is also equipped with oxygen capsule and suction device.

  • Resuscitation room: this unit has 3 beds equipped with complete equipment needed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation; the equipment includes monitoring system, ventilator, suction device, central oxygen system, electroshock devices and so on.

  • Triage Unit: this unit is equipped with two examining beds, oxygen capsule, central suction system and a monitoring system.

  • Emergency department special unit: this unit has 7 beds equipped with monitoring system. Advanced monitors are installed next to each bed so that all vital signs of the patient including blood pressure, heart rate (pulse), breathing rate (respiratory rate), the amount of arterial oxygen saturation, the heart's electrical function are recorded in each of the standard 12-lead EGCs.

  • Critical Unit: this unit has 9 beds equipped with bedside monitoring system.

  • Women's Unit: this unit has 9 beds. Three of them are equipped with bedside monitoring system.

  • Men's Unit: this unit has 9 beds. Three of them are equipped with bedside monitoring system.

  • Isolation Room: this room is designed to be isolated from other rooms. It has separate bathroom and it is equipped according to the recent instructions.

  • Operating Room: this room has a surgical bed, a cialitic light, an Electrocautery, and other equipment. Minor surgical procedures and emergency operations such as placing catheter (Shaldon(, are performed in this unit.

  • Equipment Room

  • Classroom

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