The south khorasan county (the third largest county of Iran) with the area of 150,800 kms square and with a different hemisphere is to the east of the country. The Birjand city is the capital of the county, to the north is next to Razavi Khorasan and to the east, has 331 kms square, on the border with Afghanistan and to the west is next to Yazd, Isfahan and Semnan counties and to the south in next to Kerman,Sistan and Baluchistan counties.

South Khorasan from the country repartitions has been separated in 2004 with approved delegations and Islamic council congress within four cities of greater Khorasan. Now, this county has 11 townships, 28towns, 25allotments, 61rural districts, and 3,555 villages. The cities of this county consist of: Birjand, Ghayenat, Tabas, Ferdows, Nehbandan, Sarayan, Sarbisheh, Darmiyan, Boshrouyeh, Khousf and Zirkooh.

A Thousand years ago, South Khorasan had many advantages and that is because of wonderful attributes of this area. This country is in the eastern area of the country with hot weather and many special things, like hospitality and warm natured people and has a flavor of Saffron flowers.the countryside of this country, is very special for these flowers. This county has grown up man famous personages, Gnostic and scholars. This count has many historical works of which more than 719 of these works are historical, cultural, natural and spiritual in inventory.

The City of Birjand is 34893 kms in area. It is to the east of Iran, 500 kms from Khorasan Razavi Capital and Sistan and Baluchistan, Kerman and Yazd. this City from the north next to Ghayenat,to the south next to the Nehbandan and the count of Kerman, to the west is next to sarayan and Khousf, and to the east is next to Darmiyan and the town of Sarbisheh. The Cit of Birjand has a center part. From 1923 it was the first city in Iran which had an organized and piped water agency, recognized as the first water distribution system in Iran. The Shokatiyeh School was the third school after Dar-ol-Fonoon and Roshdiyeh in Tabriz which had new methods in teaching, because the strategic situation of this city.

Today, Birjand as a main academic center in east of Iran, has also many good facilities to meet the needs of higher education.With 14 different state universities and non-profit universities, 5 higher education centers and more than 51000 students, South Khorasan is recognized as the famous region in east of Iran with its prestigious universities.The oldest university in east of the country had been established in Birjand and now, there are 60 faculties and academic units, 3600 individuals as faculty members and 50000 students in South Khorasan province.This province has extensive facilities including advanced laboratories, research centers, prominent professors, dormitory facilities and the most important advantage is the level of safety that made it to become the destination for many students.Higher education centers in this province -some of them were established 40 years ago- have a powerful scientific background to attract foreign students specially from neighbor countries that are native speakers of Persian.14 research centers in different departments of Birjand University of Medical Science and Medical Service Center, medical information banks, medical journal publications, specialized medical libraries, seven schools including school of medicine, school of dentistry, school of public health, and school of nursing and midwifery and also 5 equipped hospitals, are some of the most important facilities that give Birjand University of Medical Science the opportunity to attract foreign students whose native language is Persian.

Birjand Airport was the third to be built in the country in 1933 after the Ghale-Morghi and Boushehr Airport. The United Kingdom and Russia’s Vice-Consul’s worked there before the Second World War.

At the moment, flight schedules in this province airport include domestic and international flights that are as follow:

  • From Birjand to Tehran,Mashhad and Zahedan: 16 flights;

  • From Tabas Airport to Tehran: 2 flights;

  • And international flights from Birjand airport to Jeddah and Najaf: 4 flights.

Scheduling flights from this province to Yazd, Isfahan, Kish, Dubai and also neighbor countries is also under consideration.