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Health Technology Incubator Center

About the Center

Health Technology Incubator Center of Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was inaugurated with the foundation approval in the 224th meeting of the Counsel of Expanding the Universities of Medical Sciences, dated May 13, 2013, under the Deputy of Science and Technology of the University with the aim of supporting early-stage companies in terms of research related to medical sciences. The center aims to provide support and services for natural and legal persons to promote knowledge and technology in the field of medical sciences. The center welcomes cooperation with knowledge-based companies, technology cores, university professors, alumni, students, innovators, early-stage and active private companies with creative ideas, entrepreneurs, and research and development units (R & D) related to industries having entrepreneurship and technology-based ideas.

Goals of the Center:

1. Making required preparations in order to commercialize research achievements
2. Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in young researcher forces
3. Helping the local economy to boost based on technology
4. Creating the necessary room for the expansion and growth of knowledge-based and technology-based small and medium units active in technology fields
5. Making preparations to absorb graduates of technology fields in order to create job opportunities
6. Making preparations to produce and develop technological products and processes that are marketable

7. Increasing the productivity of the potential labor force and making optimum use of this huge national capital
8. Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology from academic centers to other centers of society and industry to meet the needs of society.
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