About the center

Family Health Research Center was formed in April 2011 initially entitled as the “research center for environmental and familial health”. The purpose was to create appropriate conditions for research for faculty members and other researchers and to provide guidance and support for applied research aimed at improving and preserving the health and well-being of family and society. Changing its name to Social Determinants of Health Research Center, the center received an agreement in principle on January 20th, 2013 and the final approval from Ministry of Health on December 18, 2016.

Goals and Priorities of the Center

  • The main goal of the center is to conduct applied research on the health system, with an emphasis on the social determinants of health so as to improve the health condition of individuals and society in large. Other objectives of the center include the presentation and dissemination of research results domestically and internationally, innovation, cooperation with research and administrative centers inside and outside the country, and the formation of a network of researchers working on the social determinants of health across the country.

  • Research priorities of the center include social problems (spouse abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, smoking, smoking, divorce, addiction, etc.) and interventions to reduce them, health status, health literacy, health-promoting lifestyle, examination of the condition of environmental and industrial pollutions, and efforts to have a healthy city with an emphasis on sustainable development and providing practical solutions to achieve it.

 Conferences held:

  • The Third National Conference on research in health development with a focus on healthy lifestyle

  • The National Conference in Commemoration of Professor Balali-mood

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