About School of Dentistry

Birjand school of Dentistry was established in 2011, starting by admission of 29 students in Doctorate of Dental Medicine program in September 2011. At the time being, 30 professors and educational-medical specialists are in charge of teaching and clinical training of the students at this school.




  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery: This school admits students annually in September via the National University Entrance Exam in addition to 5 tuition-based students. At present, there are about 153 students studying in different stages including basic and clinical sciences and internship. After completing 6 years of study, students will receive a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. Students provide services to volunteer patients in the following fields: surgery, restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, diagnosis, orthodontics, oral radiology and periodontic under supervision of expert professors.

  • Oral Health Technician:

    This field was established in the School in 2015, admitting 22 students via the National University Entrance Exam, and currently about 40 students are studying in this field for a two-year course. After graduation, oral health technicians are committed to serve in health centers to improve oral and dental health and to prevent dental caries.

Educational Facilities of the School of Dentistry

  • Restorative endodontic and prosthodontic pre-clinic with 80 pre-clinical units

  • Clinical department to serve the patients, involving restoration, prosthodontics, surgery and diagnosis of oral and dental diseases sections with 30 units

  • CSR room that is equipped with the central autoclave, ultrasonic washing device, central compressor and suction systems
  • Pathology lab

  • Library