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School of Health


About School of Health

With a history of 23 years, the School of Health started initially as the health department and was supervised by the school of Allied Medicine. Upon obtaining the required authority, the department promoted into a junior school in 2005 and into a school in 2010. Currently, the school admits students in environmental health engineering (B.Sc.and M.Sc.), professional health engineering (B.Sc.), public health (B.Sc.) and health education (M.Sc.). It holds 9 laboratories and 5 classrooms equipped with audiovisual facilities. The school is run by its dean and a vice-chancellor in education and research. There are 20 faculty members, both formally employed or project-based, engaged in educational and research activities.



Educational Facilities of the School of Health:

    • Departments of environmental health engineering, public health, occupational health engineering, health education and promotion

    • Social Determinants of Health Research Center: This Center has been approved by the Ministry of Health and is currently an active center in Birjand University of Medical Sciences.

    • Journal of Health Science and Technology (JHST): This journal has been approved by the Ministry of Health and has started accepting and publishing articles in the fields of health sciences since 2016.) (

    • Laboratories of the Environmental Health Engineering Department:

  • Environmental Chemistry Lab
  • Environmental Microbiology Lab
  • Solid Waste Lab
  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Environmental Health Engineering Research Lab
    • Laboratories of the Occupational Health Engineering Department:
  • Physical Factors and Harmful Factors Lab
  • Safety and Ergonomics Laboratory
  • Educational Technology Workshop held by Public Health Department

  • Post-graduate Education Classes

  • Computer Room for Graduate Students