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Research Center of Cardiovascular Disease began its activities in March, 2007 with the aim of carrying out epidemiological, applied, and clinical research to identify contributors to coronary artery diseases and to implement appropriate interventions aimed at reducing cardiovascular diseases. Further purposes included planning basic research to produce knowledge, trying to promote a healthy lifestyle by using educational and research resources throughout South Khorasan Province, trying to promote the level of knowledge and accomplishment of health and treatment in professionals and officials (doctors, experts, students and staff) in order to provide better health services in the field of cardiology and to create a framework for scientific cooperation with research and educational centers inside and outside the country. The ultimate goal was to improve the educational, research, and health-care processes and to exchange information and research results among researchers so as to prevent cardiovascular diseases and to improve public health. On May 22, 2009, the center received the formal approval for initiation from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

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