medical toxicology and drug abuse research center


Medical Toxicology and Drug Abuse Research Center (MTDRC)


About the Center

MTDRC of Birjand University of Medial Sciences began working in 2011 with the aim of supporting research projects and carrying out new projects in order to support public health, promote humanitarian purposes, and provide services to the medical community.


In order to raise the scientific level and increase research capacity, MTDRC pursues the following objectives in collaboration with other research centers:

  • Developing and approving research policies of the center in coordination with the general policies of Ministry of Health and the University

  • Given the diversity of issues in toxicology and its relationship with various subdivisions of medical knowledge, the grounds for research is provided in this field for many specialties such as medicine, pharmacology, health, etc. The objectives of the center include doing research in toxicology, different types of poisoning and their prevention, and drug addiction as well as supporting researchers who work in these areas.

  • Training human force for research purposes in this field

  • Enhancing faculty member's attitude toward research

  • Increasing scientific production, including projects, articles, and theses

  • Increasing scientific studies conducted by students and faculty members who are interested in research and trying to collaborate with other domestic and foreign research centers

Research activities of the center

    • workshops

  • Proposal Writing Workshop

  • Paper-writing Workshop

Units cooperating with the Center

  • Laboratory of Toxicology, Department of Medicine, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

  • Division of Medical Toxicology, Ronald O. Pereleman Department of Emergency Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Research priorities of the center

  • Physiological studies related to the toxic effects of pesticides, drugs, herbs and associated complications

  • Biochemical studies related to the toxic effects of pesticides, drugs, herbs and complications associated with it

  • Pharmacological evaluation of poisons, drugs and medicinal plants

  • The effects of drug abuse in various diseases (internal, cardiac, infectious, neurological, women, etc.)

  • Epidemiology of substance abuse and poisoning

  • Epidemiology of substance abuse in different diseases (infectious, cardiac, internal, neurologic, obstetric, etc.)

  • Effects of heavy metals in the pathogenesis of various diseases

  • Environmental pollutions of drugs and toxins

  • Specific toxic effects of drugs, pesticides and medicinal plants

  • Examining the disorders associated with bites

  • Physiological, biochemical, and pharmacologic studies related to drugs, herbs and toxins

  • Effects of toxins, drugs, herbs and metals on internal, neurological, infectious, pediatric, and gynecological diseases

  • Poisoning and drug abuse in children

  • The effects of pesticides, drugs, herbs etc. on children

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of drugs and toxins in different diseases


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