In 1985, in the light of social necessity and public demand, the preliminary proceedings were taken to establish the medical college of Birjand, and this college was formally established within a year with 50 medical students and 30 nursing students; in 1993 this college was upgraded into Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.  

In the Comprehensive Examination for Basic Medical Sciences, the medical students of this university secured the first rank for five years and the second rank once during 1992 to 1999. Students who enter this sacred institution are well aware of the fact that through faith, ethics and transcendent thought they can step in the path of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Al-Razi. Authorities of the university also give their full measure to pave the way for students to flourish their talents and prepare for academic growth and professional responsibility.

Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is located in a province with a surface area of about 150,800 square kilometers which covers more than 9.1 percent of the lands of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This university has had a major role in the economic growth and development of the province. Under divine blessings, this university has now more than 3300 students in 53 fields of study in residency, doctorate of dentistry and general medicine, master’s, bachelor’s and associate levels, with 231 faculty members, enjoying modern advanced research and training facilities, including a rich library with more than 93000 printed books and 4500 digital files, which provide the accessibility to the newest international academic references for more than 6200 members, including university faculty members, students and staff. These have all turned the university into an active educational and medical center in eastern Iran.

A 155 Mbps bandwidth internet service inside university and 100 bandwidth outside university connecting the university network to other cities of the Province through fiber-optics is also a big step forward in providing quality electronic services for the noble people of Southern Khorasan Province.

Provision of  public health services with desirable and standard quality in line with social justice and public participation is also one of our missions and aims. This university cooperates with three teaching-therapeutic hospitals, seven therapeutic hospitals with 857 approved beds and 979 active beds, two air ambulances, 59 urban and road emergency bases, 11 public health networks, 100 centers for comprehensive urban/rural health services, 316 public health centers, and 62 active health bases. Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is proud of serving the noble and honorable people of Southern Khorasan Province as well as all our countrymen and respectable people of our neighboring countries. Download Birjand University of Medical Sciences fact book

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