Due to having high standards in medical research and medical services, tourist therapy and visiting,Iran has become popular in the world and region. Also, the low cost of treatment has caused Iran tobe considered as an important tourist destination in South Khorasan province, centered in Birjand city, due to the unique capacity of Iranmehr Medical Education Hospital in the field of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment with the continuous presence of doctors. Specialist in radio oncology, hematology and clinical pharmacist to provide treatment services such as outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy, radiotherapy every day of the week and breast cancer diagnosis with screening to his compatriots and all loved ones.

Therefore, in order to coordinate and facilitate the provision of services to dear tourists, the IPD department of Iranmehr Hospital provides all the necessary measures before, during and after visiting the medical center.
Iranmehr single specialty hospital with many departments Thalassemia, ICU, emergency room, radiotherapy, and oncology-hematology department are outpatient and inpatient with the presence of expert doctors and experienced staff to accompany and serve patients in the east of the country. In the laboratory of Iranmehr Hospital, all kinds of tests, flow cytometry and markers of all kinds of cancer diseases are performed with high accuracy and in the fastest possible time. Also, in the radiotherapy department of the hospital, radiation treatment of patients with the ability to make special shields is done centrally.
In Iranmehr Hospital, despite the presence of a clean room, which is one of the few in the country, the steps of drug preparation are carried out under the direct supervision of pharmacists in a completely sterile and high-precision manner.
The hospital's pharmacy has a variety of health drugs and chemotherapy drugs with a variety of different drug brands in service. Also, with the continuous presence of pharmacist doctors, the process of drug combination and counseling is carried out in this center for the regular use of drugs and prevention of drug interactions. Imaging and ultrasound centers are capable of screening and diagnosing breast cancer.