Hospital Introduction

Valiasr Hospital is located on a land of 25000 square meters on two floors on Ayatollah Ghafari Street, which was established in 1379 according to up-to-date standards. This hospital is designed as an educational and clinical center and now has 259 active hospital beds.We do our best to use the experience, expertise and commitment of the hospital's health care team and modern facilities to provide a variety of services in the best way.

Currently, this center, in addition to having specialized and sub-specialized clinics (diabetes clinic, addiction treatment, internal medicine, respiratory, skin, infectious, gynecology, pediatrics, nephrology, oncology, neonatology, gastroenterology, cancer screening), has therapy departments Emergency (ambulatory emergency, monitored emergency, pediatric emergency and special emergency), ICU1, ICU2, PICU, NICU, internal, infectious, pediatric, toxicology, subspecialty internal medicine, dialysis, gynecology (midwifery, high-risk mothers, neonates, gynecological surgery, VIP for women), maternity and operating room.

The para-clinical units of the hospital also include laboratory, radiology, sonography, CT scan, MRI, endoscopy, colonoscopy, pediatric cardiac angiography, bronchoscopy, spirometry, brain scan, injections, and patient education and follow-up nursing unit.