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Birjand University of Medical Sciences

The first IVF baby was born in Birjand

The first IVF baby was born in Birjand

Birjand University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Esmaili, the Vice-Chancellor of Treatment Affairs of BUMs stated that IVF, which is obtained through in vitro fertilization, is one of the most successful methods in the treatment of infertility. With the support of the university president, currently Ruyesh infertility treatment center in Birjand and two other
infertility clinics in Tabas and Ferdows provide services to infertile couples.
Dr. Ali Akbar Esmaili referred to the recruitment of 2 infertility fellowship doctors and embryologists in the last two years and added: "We hope that the continuation of the activity of this center will be a source of lasting service to treat infertile couples."
Dr. Vajihe Hazari announced that IVF has been started in this center since December 2021 and added: 30 cases of pregnancy have been achieved in this way so far.
She stated that patients with infertility problems can be referred to this center for treatment initiation and unnecessary trips to other parts of the country can be avoided and noted that most of the infertility treatment services can be performed in this center, which can reduce treatment costs and other problems.
Dr. Hazari stated that we are persistent until the issues of egg donation, surrogacy,
and laparoscopy of the center are set up.


Also, Dr. Azade Khazaee noted that the first case of IVF baby in Birjand was successfully delivered, and after ten years the family welcomed a healthy baby. She said: due to the distance of the infertility treatment centers in the province and the exorbitant costs that the patients have to pay, a 41-year-old woman who was infertile for ten years, was subjected to IVF surgery, which fortunately resulted in a pregnancy and a baby girl was born after 38 weeks.

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